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Frequently Asked Questions

Each provider must fill out an application and be in agreement with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Where applicable, each provider must provide a copy of their license and provide a clergy reference. Each profile indicates whether or not references have been received yet for that provider with the “Verified Provider” icon. Our screening is not a substitute for individual screening by the prospective client. We urge you to ask questions before setting up an appointment and follow your own instincts when choosing a provider.

No, is a private resource provided to help you find a qualified provider of the Catholic faith in your area. We are, however, endorsed and promoted by the Church in various dioceses across the country.

Each provider is independent. Some participate in insurance plans and some do not. Insurance policies are listed on individual profiles. We recommend you discuss this and any other payment arrangements with a prospective provider before scheduling an appointment.

Three reasons. First, we can provide a better service to you if we know where you are searching from. If we see a lot of people signing up from a certain state, we can concentrate our marketing efforts in that state to make sure there are plenty of Providers listed for you to find. Second, registration protects our Providers from getting spam emails. Listing contact information makes them vulnerable to annoying internet marketing, so registering to see a Provider Listing guarantees only real people see their contact information. Third, we want our Providers to know where people are searching from! The only identifying information we ask from you is your zip code, and this way we can see where the WellCatholic community is flourishing, and where Catholics need to hear more about us.

No. While we do have your email address for login purposes, we can not see what types of providers you search for or what specific profiles you click on.

WellCatholic is and will always be free to use.

Unlike some other directories that contain out of date information, we have a full time staff that works diligently to make sure our information is up to date. Daily.

Yes! We love to hear from you. Please share with us all of your experiences. In the unlikely event that you have an unsatisfactory experience, we will take it very seriously and look into the matter.

No you don’t. WellCatholic is a directory of Catholic providers, but this has more to do with the provider than it does with the patient. Catholic providers promise to respect their patients’ religion and they do not seek to change their patients’ beliefs. Catholic providers will not, however, provide any kind of healthcare that directly goes against Catholic values.

While there are some really great directories out there, WellCatholic is the first and only exclusively Catholic directory that includes all healthcare specialties. You can be certain that any provider you find here has been screened to be both properly licensed to practice in their field and faithfully Catholic. WellCatholic is also a directory that is only a directory. We are not an add-on to an existing site that offers other features. All of our attention goes to our directory- connecting a wide range of Catholic healthcare providers with those who want their services. You might come here to search for a Catholic therapist, but then realize we have Catholic dentists too. You might not have thought about going to a Catholic dentist, but it couldn’t hurt to have a picture of Our Lady of Sorrows hanging in the office where you are about to get a root canal. You might even ask to pray with your dentist before a procedure! We envision building up a community where you don’t have to leave your faith in the waiting room, no matter what kind of provider you are seeing.

WellCatholic is a directory that connects people with Catholic healthcare providers that practice consistently with Catholic values.

Yes! Even if there isn’t an obvious connection between Catholic teaching and a particular practice, our faith goes much deeper than specific teachings. A Catholic healthcare provider promises to treat patients with the God-given dignity they were created with. A Catholic provider sees his or her work as vocational, participating in the healing work of the Divine Healer. There are many ways that each healthcare specialty draws from the wealth of the Catholic faith to enhance its practice.